Why use plain English?
Governments and businesses have saved hundreds of millions of pounds, and improved their customer relations, by applying plain English techniques to their leaflets, letters and forms. If you aren't doing so already, it's time to put your own documents into plain English.

Readers prefer plain English, of course. But there are lots of ways in which plain English benefits the organisations that use it. By making life easier for your readers, you will be reaping lots of advantages.

If you use plain English you will do more business and improve your image

People will understand the benefits of what you are offering or selling.
They will see what makes you different from, or better than, your competitors.
You will see your sales or 'take-up' rates increase.
People will trust you because they can see you have nothing to hide.
You will project a professional and modern image.

You will become more efficient and cut some of your costs

Your communications will 'work' first time around - you won't waste time by having to contact people more than once.
Your staff will have more time to do productive work, rather than having to deal with queries or complaints about the communications you've sent to people.
Your customers will fill your forms in fully and correctly, and will send them back to you more quickly, saving you expensive 'follow-up' action.
Your internal documents will be more effective. For example, your reports will be understood and acted upon rather than being a source of debate and confusion.

Plain English is for everyone

Plain English isn't 'dumbed-down' English. You can use it for any kind of business writing, aimed at any audience. Here are some good reasons to use plain English, whoever you're writing for:
Even highly intelligent people struggle to understand what to them is 'jargon' and will quickly give up reading.
Senior managers are busy and don't have the time to read something twice just because the writing style is complex.
Plain English still has authority and 'clout' - and people are much more likely to follow plain English instructions and guidance willingly and successfully.
If you'd like more information on how using plain English could help your organisation, please email us, or phone 0114 2571400 and ask for Dave Fox. You can also become accredited as an organisation for your use of plain English .

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